Thinking About Thanksgivukkah

This month I’m doing a bit of guest blogging over at my friend Michele’s site The Modern Jewish Wedding. Each Friday I’ll be doing a post as part of her Shabbat shalom feature, offering some inspiration for the weekend, and a nice way to close out the week. For those whose Hebrew is a little rusty, shabbat shalom is the traditional greeting each Friday night, offering both a welcome to the period of rest from Friday evening to Saturday evening and a blessing of peace.

So where does Thanksgivukkah fit in?

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are two of my favorite food holidays, and as I was looking for inspiration for this week’s Shabbat shalom post it seemed that the foodie world has been a bit obsessed with this once-in-77-millenia holiday mashup! It’s left me thinking about my own Thanksgivukkah menu.

I’ve been working on a few ideas that will be coming to the blog soon. One is the sweet potato cakes with curried Greek yogurt recipe I tested a couple of weeks ago for Food52. The recipe won Community Favorite in a contest for best dinner party side dishes, and I’m excited to share it because I think it’s really delicious. And if you’re a fan of Bridget Jones, you know that turkey and curry go together v. well, so it seems like a Thankgivukkah winner.

The other is one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes that will meld perfectly with the sweet potato cakes: spiced cranberry-apple sauce. I’ve made this recipe for years, and since Hanukkah often comes shortly after Thanksgiving I’ve usually still had leftovers in my fridge ready and waiting to become a latke topping.

In the meantime, contemplate the Manischewitz-brined turkey the folks at Buzzfeed came up with last month:

Manischewitz-brined turkey from the Buzzfeed Thanksgivukkah menu/

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