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Southwest Airlines is not cooperating in the wifi department. More tomorrow.

Austin Eats at #ACL

Austin Eats at #ACL

Hey, sorry for falling behind for a couple of days! We had some houseguests and related excitement, and since I’m trying to blog for #31days by the seat of my pants, I got a bit behind. The comeback starts now. On Saturday we went the Austin City Limits music festival and overall we had aContinue Reading

A Day in the Life

Frequently people ask me what it was like to be a public diplomacy officer in the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State. “Hard,” is my off-the-cuff answer. My job as Information Officer, colloquially known as press attaché, included a number of key responsibilities: Daily press briefings with the Ambassador and senior staff DraftingContinue Reading

Travel Tips: Solid vs. Liquid Products

  Over the last two years we’ve traveled a lot. But on most trips we’ve been forced to check our luggage due to highly restrictive carry-on requirements imposed by our long-time air carrier of choice: Uzbekistan Airways. I mean choice with a bit of wink and nudge, mostly because Uz Air was just about theContinue Reading

3 Unique Spas: Las Vegas, Khaolak, Istanbul

When vacation time is at a premium what better way to maximize relaxation than with a day at the spa? On hitting your destination, an aromatherapy massage can be just the thing to help ease the transition from our 24/7 connected lifestyle. Before you depart, a luxurious, pampering treatment might help pave the way backContinue Reading

La-la-la-la Labneh!

Spring is upon us here in Uzbekistan. The spring holiday Navruz (which translates to New Day) is nearly here, coming with the equinox. Next Monday Passover will be here, and then Easter. Spring is definitely springing! For us, the arrival of Passover always means shifting the way we eat. It’s not just about forgoing breadContinue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Her Packing List

I haven’t quite gotten a blogroll or list of links I love together, but I thought I’d start a series spotlighting travel (and food) blogs I love. Today’s entry is Her Packing List. As the title indicates, it’s a website dedicated to helping female travelers pack their bags and get on the road. I haveContinue Reading

Favorite Stuff to Travel With

I’m not the lightest packer in the world, but I do OK. I have several gadgets I like to travel with, so I compensate by taking fewer clothes and shoes (and then usually buy something on the road, which is a baaaaad habit I should overcome!) to make room for the things that really matter.Continue Reading

Wondering Where to Wander

Although we’ve just returned from a trip, we find ourselves already thinking about the next one. Our suitcases aren’t totally unpacked yet and there are still piles of laundry to do, but instead we’re plotting and planning. There are three places we’d like to hit before summer strikes: Rome, Barcelona, and Madrid. We’re trying toContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Taming the ‘Bul

Back in January we took a much-needed long weekend trip to Istanbul. It’s a relatively short 5.5 hour flight from Tashkent on Turkish Airlines, and we gain time flying there, so it’s a very nice option. We found ourselves a bit light on the internetContinue Reading

By Way of Introduction

My name is Lisa and I love to eat and to travel. I sort of found a way of making living overseas my job, and with that has come the opportunity to explore places near and far and mostly new to me. I especially enjoying trying new foods and visiting markets in new places, evenContinue Reading