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Thinking About Thanksgivukkah

This month I’m doing a bit of guest blogging over at my friend Michele’s site The Modern Jewish Wedding. Each Friday I’ll be doing a post as part of her Shabbat shalom feature, offering some inspiration for the weekend, and a nice way to close out the week. For those whose Hebrew is a little rusty, shabbat shalom is the traditional greeting each Friday night, offering both a welcome to the period of rest from Friday evening to Saturday evening and a blessing of peace.

So where does Thanksgivukkah fit in?

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are two of my favorite food holidays, and as I was looking for inspiration for this week’s Shabbat shalom post it seemed that the foodie world has been a bit obsessed with this once-in-77-millenia holiday mashup! It’s left me thinking about my own Thanksgivukkah menu.

I’ve been working on a few ideas that will be coming to the blog soon. One is the sweet potato cakes with curried Greek yogurt recipe I tested a couple of weeks ago for Food52. The recipe won Community Favorite in a contest for best dinner party side dishes, and I’m excited to share it because I think it’s really delicious. And if you’re a fan of Bridget Jones, you know that turkey and curry go together v. well, so it seems like a Thankgivukkah winner.

The other is one of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes that will meld perfectly with the sweet potato cakes: spiced cranberry-apple sauce. I’ve made this recipe for years, and since Hanukkah often comes shortly after Thanksgiving I’ve usually still had leftovers in my fridge ready and waiting to become a latke topping.

In the meantime, contemplate the Manischewitz-brined turkey the folks at Buzzfeed came up with last month:

Manischewitz-brined turkey from the Buzzfeed Thanksgivukkah menu/

Cookie Bites (Part 2)

Cookie Bites (Part 2)

Today’s cookie recipe was given to me by a baker friend who took pity on my total lack of gingersnaps while we were living in Uzbekistan (pictured bottom right). Most of the key ingredients for gingersnaps are easily available there, with the exception of molasses, and fortunately we squirreled a couple bottles away when weContinue Reading

Travel Blog Spotlight: Her Packing List

I haven’t quite gotten a blogroll or list of links I love together, but I thought I’d start a series spotlighting travel (and food) blogs I love. Today’s entry is Her Packing List. As the title indicates, it’s a website dedicated to helping female travelers pack their bags and get on the road. I haveContinue Reading